Dolomiti di Brenta UNESCO

The Dolomiti di Brenta are the ninth and last of the systems forming the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Located in the province of Trento, this is the westernmost section of the site. The system stands out for its majestic forms, more austere and less plastic than the rest of the Dolomites. Here the stratigraphic succession and stages of the structural and tectonic evolution of the Dolomites are well represented.

The Dolomiti di Brenta can be divided into 4 separate sections: the southern section with Cima Tosa, the highest peak of the group; the central section, made of Main Dolomite, with the peaks Brenta and Grosté; the northern section with the Pietra Grande and Sasso Rosso; and the section of Campa with Monte Corona. Among all the peaks of the group the most famous, especially among climbers, is without a doubt Campanil Basso.


Dolomiti Brenta Bike is an exciting project that involves not only the Paganella Tableland but also all the localities, towns, etc in the mountain area of the Brenta Dolomites.

Dolomiti Brenta Bike consists of 2 multi-day tours, “Country” (136 km, 4600 vertical metres) and “Expert” (171 km, 7700 vertical metres) around the Brenta massif. Both tours go through the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, which stretches from the Adamello-Presanella group to the Brenta Dolomites.

In order to better explore the territory,  nature, culture/traditions, and wine and food tasting, of each valley involved in the “Dolomiti di Brenta Bike” project, there are secondary itineraries available- bringing the total to 489 km and  the total metres of height difference to 14,260.

Dolomiti Brenta Bike Map


Two wonderful routes around the Brenta mountain range, the most Western chain in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of the Adamello-Brenta National Park; the “expert” route is designed for experienced trekkers, that want to experiment complete mountain living, with overnight stays in mountain refuges and camping at high altitudes.  The “country” route is organized for those who love walking, and mountain life, but want to rest in the peaceful comfort of a good hotel.

Dolomiti Brenta Trek Map Expert

Dolomiti Brenta Trek Map Country