Forest Park

An essential to the "Forest Park" are the trees: fine specimens of spruce and beech.
For this reason, respect of the forest environment is a real priority, as is the safety of its users. From the moment everything is set in place the tree climbing techniques adopted are approved by the international Tree Climbing school and allow for the aerial work without damaging the plant. The steel cords are all anchored in such a way as to completely protect the bark with a border in wood in order to avoid restriction of the trunk. No engine, no structure which is damaging to nature and not a hint of cement….




Our little explorers, up to the age of 5, have the chance to discover new sensations and tackle each passage in complete safety.



For children, adolescents but also adults, 110cm or over. This obstacle course reaches a maximum height of 5 metres.



For children and adolescents from 110 cm and over.

Suitable for anyone who has completed the yellow circuit, … fun for adults too.



For children and adults of 140 cm or over.

The height and difficulty of the obstacle course increases. In fact it reaches a height of 10 metres, ideal for testing your skills.



For children and adults of 140 cm or over.

Suitable for those who have completed the Green Top Obstacle Course: great skill and determination is needed.