Paganella Bike Park

Come on in Paganella to try the NATURAL BIKE PARK!

At the start of the lift at Fai della Paganella was born the new park dedicated to mountain biking.
WHERE: Paganella 2001 at locations SANTEL
             38010 Fai Della Paganella (TN)

All the Bikepark is developed in Santèl-Meriz Area, and has been designed to be a "low-impact" project.
In this way, we took and recovered old trails and paths, and all the new "lines" following the natural contours of the mountain are "hand made" (pick and shovel).
Also all the "north shore" structures (wall rides , drops, jumps , etc) are made without any mechanical or electrical device, in the way to give a "natural connotation" to all the Bikepark Area.

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