Ice Stadium

Come and skate on the ice! The ice's cold, but it warms the hearts of all the family!

In the heart of the Andalo Life there's an ice rink with one of the best roller rinks in Trentino to ice-skate and have fun with friends and family. Your kids aren't able to ice-skate yet? We have friendly teddy bears that can halp them for their first steps on the ice. You don't have ice skates? There's a rental! Have you never ice-sketed before? Don't worry, Andalo Life offers ice skating lessons for kids and also individual lessons to learn how to skate without fear.  You have no more excuses... if you want to learn to skate on the ice, you've just found the ideal place!

Would you like to organize an athletic retreat in Trentino for a skating team? The ice rink of the Andalo Life is ideal for performances and trainings of a high level of professionalism! And the park offers a lot of activities and possibilities to train and have fun, comfortably next to the hotels in Andalo and the accomodating facilities on the Paganella Dolomites.

Find out the advantages of organizing an ice-skating retreat in Andalo.

Technical information of the Andalo's Ice Rink:

    • The ice rink is indoors;
    • The ice rink measures are: 60x28 mt;
    • The facility runs on artificial refrigeration;
    • There is an audio broadcasting system;
    • There are dressing rooms and toilettes;
    • For the ice-skating teams and groups there's a room with mirrors;
    • The renewal of the roller rink is programmed.