A return to the very origins of downhill skiing, which in turn derives from cross-country skiing.

This discipline was invented 150 years ago in the south of Norway, in the region of Telemark from where it gets its name. The equipment used is similar to that required for Nordic skiing, but stronger. The technique used is a strange mix of cross-country skiing, jumps on your skis and curving, using a "heels free" boot and bindings.

Today you can find specific telemark equipment, similar to that used for skimountaineering, but obviously much more sophisticated that that of old. The original leather boots have been replaced by modern plastic boots, and the skis are ultalight and fitted with safety bindings. The heel remains free also when skiing downhill, as required by tradition. You walk uphill using thin, synthetic sealskins. Technique has changed too, and is totally different to that used in Alpine skiing.

We recommend taking a few lessons with an instructor to learn the basics, and in particular the correct setup to make things easier.